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Management Consulting

We help businesses tackle business and strategy projects while providing assistance to founders and executives who want to optimize their company’s performance.

Strategic Finance Advisory

We advise on all aspects of finance, giving you an in-depth understanding of KPIs, processes, financial models, and more.

Capital Raising

We coach you and help you build your financial model, investor presentation and supporting analyses to raise capital from institutional and retail investors.

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We’re Here to Help You

Here at Brazen Path we offer a variety of different solutions for startups and businesses, including management consulting, strategic finance advisory, and capital raising. We believe that our combined skills can help to ensure the success of your company, and we’re eager to work with you to help further your goals.


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Why Choose Us

Our consultants are well-rounded. We employ a team of operators, investors, and investment bankers that work full-time in their areas of expertise to ensure that our clients are receiving top-tier service.

Our Services
We offer a range of services to help ensure that your company, whether small or large, early or late stage, gets what it needs. Our services include management consulting, strategic finance advisory, and capital raising.
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